Set up your Cricut, and master the skills to create your first 5 beautiful creations

in 1 week

Without getting so overwhelmed you break out in a sweat or spend loads of $$$ in materials you don’t know how to use

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Let me guess...

You bought your Cricut Explore Air 2 with loads of extra tools, materials and supplies


  • Now it’s in the closet collecting dust. 
  • If you even think about setting it up or starting a project your head spins with a gazillion questions and you feel lost in never ending blog post tutorials. 
  • The Cricut Design Space software feels like a bad dream.
  • Watching crafting videos of the “pros” make it look super easy but you can’t seem to “hack it”. 

Here is the thing my crafty friend, you're about to FINALLY get the confidence you need to master your Explore Air 2 (and to be a whiz at Cricut Design Space too!)

Getting started can feel messy but your experience with Cricut crafting doesn’t have to give you a migraine!

Become a confident crafter 

By using the Step-by-Step Cricut Explore Air 2 Solution I’m about to share with you...

  • Love your time with your Cricut Explore Air 2 even more than your guilty pleasure Netflix show! After dinner, kids are in bed and with a glass of wine you’ll be headed straight for the craft room to unwind. 
  • Know your Cricut Explore Air 2 so well, you feel confident every time you step up to the craft table. (have the exact process needed for all your future creations)
  • All those tools and materials you believed to be so confusing are now your favorite to work with and use to create a unique holiday gift. 



  •  “Well, I guess I didn’t get the crafting gene from grandma”

    You’re not alone, I promise! We all start as beginners. You need a simple, step by step introduction to your Cricut Explore Air 2 to start building your confidence with the machine.  
  • “I need to watch 50 gazillion Youtube tutorials before I can even touch my Cricut!”

    Holy brain overload! Let’s press pause on the consumption of info. Instead of watching outdated videos from all different types of sources...why not just watch my current video tutorials all in one place and save yourself from scrolling down a rabbit hole.
  • “I have to buy the most expensive brand of materials to get the design I want.”

    Of course you want the best design possible but ouch, this will have a hole in your wallet in no time. You first need to play with different materials, take them for a test run and then declare your new craft obsession!
  • “I’ve tried the FREE Cricut Explore Air 2 Starter Guide and I still can’t figure this machine out.”

    Maybe you’re a visual learner? I am too! Videos along with audible direction will be the key to your success with the Cricut Explore Air 2 and a craft room overflowing with creations.
  • “I have loads of project ideas, but I can’t pick one to start with.”

    Start with a simple material and tool like paper and the cutting blade. Working with basics in the beginning will set the foundation for turning into a crafting queen!


This valuable course will transform you 
from the wannabe crafter to a confident Cricut Explore Air 2 master in only 1 week!

The Beginner Cricut Explore Air 2 Course is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You want to FINALLY dust off your Cricut Explore Air 2, get it set up and ready-to-go!
  2. You’re DONE with the headache of trying to learn new Cricut tools and skills all on your own.
  3. You want a hand to guide you every step of the way through your first 5 projects.
  4. You’re afraid of blowing even more $$$ on materials and want an exact list of quality brands to buy from.
  5. You want permission to play and discover if you’re a sticker gal, vinyl lady, or paper perfectionist?!
  6. You’re ready to take that first step towards your getaway hobby or dream Etsy shop!
  7. You want crafting to be an outlet to de-stress and feel easy peezy doing it!
  8. You want to make adorable t-shirts, gift boxes, and cards to build your confidence for future crafting.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Cricut Explore Air 2 Online Course for Beginners (Value $145)

A Whole Library Full of Crafter's Resources (Value $80)

BONUS: 20 SVG Cut Files (valued at $60)

BONUS: Printable Adhesive Vinyl Guide (valued at $25)

BONUS: Printable HTV Vinyl Guide (valued at $25)

BONUS: Printable Keyboard Shortcuts Guide for Cricut Design Space (Value $10)

Total Value: $345



"I can't believe how scared I was of my Explore Air 2. I had it in a box for many months. And then I decided to invest in myself and enroll in this course. In just 1 week, after following Jolene's course, I feel like a crafting rockstar! I'm the one sharing tips in FB groups now. "

Maria Garcia

"I absolutely loved this course and I'm so proud of all my beautiful creations! If you are feeling intimated by your machine, then try this course out. It helped me so much. Not only did I learn how to use the machine, but I am super familiar with Cricut Design Space as well now! "

Emilee Brooks

Is this your Cricut Saga?  

(Hold the Tylenol)

“I feel guilty, my Cricut has been in the box since Christmas..of 2018!"

"I am lost, don’t know where to even start. How do I set it up? Ok, it’s got power but how do I upload a design? Where do I insert a pen? I’ve got 36 types of vinyl but how do I use them? Ugh, I give up. This completely defeats the purpose of a hobby."

"I’m DONE! :(”   

You might be thinking...

 “Where did my dream of a true Mom “time-out” go?”

The chance to finally get some quiet time while making beautiful handmade gifts seems to have disappeared. A few years ago, you would’ve heard me crying of the same headache. I had all these creations in my head but couldn’t bring them to life!

(If that’s you, keep your ears open…) 

But I’m just a Mom to 3, Who gave me my “pro crafter” card?

In 15 years of crafting I’ve run an online craft store where I taught in-person classes and online craft-along-workshops. You could find me inside craft magazines such as Creative Paper, Memory Makers and even on the cover of Scrapbook Creations and Scrapbooking Memories.   

 I sold my online shop and went to work at a local craft store where my love for the Cricut began. Who knew the Cricut Explore Air 2 can cut over 100 different types of materials?! Insane! I think it is fair enough to say I became a #vinylcraftaddict. 

Soon enough I built an entire business on bringing decades of craft industry reviews and guides to crafter’s fingertips. I kept hearing newbie Cricut ladies “I feel so guilty my husband bought this for me months ago and I haven’t even touched it yet! I’m so lost, I don’t even know where to start”.

I’d already been through the trenches with my Cricut years ago and knew how much of a destressor crafting was for me. I began helping others finally kick that Cricut overwhelm out of the craft room and make crafting feel like a breeze! 

Ready to FINALLY clear the cob-webs off that Cricut Explore Air 2?

Let's Take a Peek Inside the Course!


Cricut Explore Air 2 Online Course for Beginners

A 1 week program to get your cutter set up and master the skills to create 5 beautiful projects.


Essentials for the Course

Here’s where you take a break from the noise of confusing Youtube tutorials that get you nowhere. And finally land on one straightforward path to becoming a Cricut crafter.

In This Module You’ll...

  • Get the ins and outs of your machine without being buried in a small print, paper manual.
  • Have an exact list of materials you’ll need for the course to avoid wasting any money
  • Say YES! to 1 week of mastering your Cricut and walking away with a new love for crafting!

Got the craft room ready? Now you’re on the path to a 5 star week-long vacation with your Cricut Explore Air 2!


Set Up, Installation & All About Supplies

Here’s where the overwhelm of just looking at your Cricut Explore Air 2 ends. Instead of spending one more moment feeling guilty for splurging on this $250 machine you haven’t touched, get started with the Step by Step Cricut Explore Air 2 Solution.

In This Module You’ll...

  • Dust off your Explore Air 2 and plug in to kick us off! 
  • Install the Cricut Design Space software and connect it to your Cricut Explore Air 2 for brainpower. 
  • Learn what each Cricut tool is used for and then decide which you’d like to invest in.

Let’s Create an Easy Card

Instead of envying all the handmade stationary with cutesy fonts at craft shows, here’s where you’ll get to make your very own.

In This Module You’ll...

  • Watch how to load a scoring stylus to create those perfect and elegant fold lines.
  • Learn how to load a pen into your Cricut and write with all those fancy fonts. 
  • Create a matching card and envelope set to gift your husband for purchasing the Cricut for you. 

Creating your First Gift Box


Here’s where using old, cheap gift wrap for Holiday presents ends and you make your own unique boxing for all the handmade crafts you’ll be gifting.

In This Module You’ll...

  • Easily upload an SVG file even if you aren’t tech savvy.
  • How to cut foil poster board and build a pillow gift box (if you’re ever going to be that Mom at birthday parties) 

How to work with Adhesive Vinyl

Instead of breaking into a sweat every time you think about crafting with vinyl, here’s where you’ll make friends and conquer that vinyl beast. 

In This Module You’ll...

  • Download and install free fonts, forever a “no thanks” to Times New Roman
  • Watch a video on how to cut, weed, and transfer adhesive vinyl so you can feel confident on your next vinyl craft.
  • Use the text tool in Cricut Design Space (because it’s more challenging than you think)! 
  • Get a handy cheat sheet label for your Green StandardGrip Mat.

Whipping up your first Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt

Instead of snagging the only Minnie Mouse t-shirt at Target you can find, for the family’s next trip to Disney. Here’s where you’ll dive into creating your own.

In This Module You’ll...

  • Watch how to prepare a multi-layered decal in Cricut Design Space without your eye twitching
  • Steps to cutting iron-on/HTV vinyl that feels super simple. 
  • Apply vinyl to a shirt for your first heat transfer vinyl shirt!

Master the Art of Print-then-Cut

Here’s where you leave your print-then-cut fears at the door and hop right into creating printable stickers!

In This Module You’ll...

  • Understand how to use the Print-then-Cut feature (and how to troubleshoot some of the most common frustrations). 
  • Create your very own super duper adorable sticker sheet.


You’ll receive every course module PLUS this valuable Crafter’s Resources Room which includes:

  • How to Calibrate your Machine [video]
  • Where to find free or cheap SVG Files
  • The answer to your question: “Do I subscribe to the Cricut Access Membership?” 
  • A handy list of all of my favorite HTV buys, including favorite brands and favorite bulk buys.
  • A go to list of all of my favorite adhesive vinyl buys, including favorite brands and bulk buys.

You’ll have the course and these resources for life to support you in all your future crafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for the Cricut Explore Air 2 Beginner Course.

In the Getting Started Module, I will give you a list of affordable, essential tools and materials needed to complete the course along with a list of nonessential tools for when you’re ready to invest further into your new hobby. 

Yes! I’ll give you step by step videos that will simplify the process of creating crafts with joy and ease.

Tools can feel intimidating. In the Getting Started Module, I’ll give you a foundational knowledge of what each tool does and what we will use them for.

You will learn to work with paper, poster board, cardstock, adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and printable sticker paper during your time in the course.

You’ll have 5 different beautiful crafts to gift or keep to celebrate all of your hard work! 

As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll have instant sign-in access, a welcome video, and a supply list of materials needed to complete the course. Feeling motivated? Go ahead and jump right into the set-up and installation video! The 5 project modules will be released day by day to help you pace yourself and prevent overwhelm.

We always welcome our students to reach out to our support team ([email protected]) if you need help. We aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours. Our support team is available from Monday to Friday.

The lessons are all recorded on a PC. If you have a MAC you will still be able to follow along easily as the software operates the same. Out of the 18 videos included, only 1 video will be different for our Mac users. The lesson is about installing Cricut Design Space and connecting your Cricut Machine to Bluetooth through your system. While the lesson focuses on how to set this up on a PC, we have included a link to a detailed tutorial to help out our lovely Mac-Users.


If you don’t have a PC or Mac and are using either an IOS device or an Android this course might not be for you. While you are MORE than welcome to join us even if you don’t have a PC or a MAC, you might find it frustrating as none of the classes were recorded on either of these devices.

It is important to us that our customers are happy with their purchases! Because the course is so short, it doesn’t make sense for us to offer a refund. However, if you have a concern then you can contact our support team and we will do everything we can to help. If a resolution cannot be reached then we can discuss a refund.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Cricut Explore Air 2 Online Course for Beginners (Value $145)

A Whole Library Full of Crafter's Resources (Value $80)

BONUS: 20 SVG Cut Files (valued at $60)

BONUS: Printable Adhesive Vinyl Guide (valued at $25)

BONUS: Printable HTV Vinyl Guide (valued at $25)

BONUS: Printable Keyboard Shortcuts Guide for Cricut Design Space (Value $10)

Total Value: $345



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